Domitor Journals Project (with Patrick Ellis)

La Rivista Cinematografica (Italy, 1920)


A website devoted to cataloguing available online film journals, and an ongoing research project on the early film magazines and digitization.







Promise of Cinema
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A website devoted to early German film theory with excerpts from the book, updated lists of online resources, digitized materials, further translations, essays from experts in the field and research-creation projects.






What was a Film Society?
Kinogemeinde 1926

A project examining how different film societies (educational, technological-professional, cinephilic and political) helped to construct film knowledge prior to the existence of film studies as a discipline.






Useful Animation (with Scott Curtis and Malcolm Cook)




Project exploring a variety of animation practices in early 20th-century science, education and publicity.








Advertising Screens Then and Now

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figure 6 - advertisement for the Reklamemobil 1921Coca-Cola-Just-Dance-Now-CampaignIf cinemas have always existed within a broader ecology of audiovisual screens, perhaps no type of screen has been more invested in the occupation of public space than advertising screens. How might we conceptualize a history of the advertising screen both as real and imaginary medium? What can yesterday’s street screens teach us about those of today and vice-versa? What kinds of epistemological conditions made portable screen technologies and their specific design—from automatic shop-window projections of the early 20th century to the interactive advertising increasingly prevalent today – intelligible in each instance? What ideas of urban space, and what regimes of vision were they bound up with, and how have these conditions changed from modern governmental societies to networked societies of control? What relation do advertising screens bear with mainstream cinema in each case? Finally, how have advertising screens embodied both strategies of control and emancipatory potentials both then and now?



The Moving Image Research Laboratory (MIRL)



Experimental Film and Applied Filmmaking Between the Wars
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