St Andrews University


  • Film Theory, Cinema in the Digital Era, Global Science Fiction, Film and Modern Visual Culture, Silent Cinema


  • Wha is Editing?, Locating Cinema’s Emergence, Cinema and Science, Kulturfilm, Early Science Fiction, Cinema and the Occult, French Impressionism, Russian Montage, African Cinema, Cinema and Migration, Global Science Fiction, Intro to Film Theory, Bazin and Realism, Apparatus Theory, Digital Theory


McGill University

  • Introduction to World Cinema
  • Survey of European Film & Theory 1895-present
  • Survey of German Literature, 1800-present
  • Arts Legacy, Modern and Global Worlds (co-taught, 19th-21st centuries)
  • Die visuelle Kultur in der Weimarer Republik (in German)
  • Deutsches Kino (in German)
  • Silent Film and Visual Culture
  • Die Weimarer Republik: Literatur, Kultur, Medien (in German)
  • European Cinema in the Era of Fascism
  • Experimental and Documentary Cinema in Germany and Austria
  • Film and Modernity 1895-1933, poster
  • Die Wiener Moderne (in German)
  • Gender and German Cinema
  • Postwar German Cinema
  • Media Archaeology
  • Weimar Cinema
  • Experimental- und Dokumentarfilm (in German)
  • Filmtheorie und –analyse (in German)
  • Ästhetische Theorie von Gottsched bis Lukács (in German)


Universität der Künste (Berlin)

  • Globalizing European Cinema, annual DAAD pan-Canadian graduate seminar (co-taught with Angelica Fenner, University of Toronto)


Cologne University, Institute for Theater, Film and Television Studies

  • Leni Riefenstahl (co-taught with Kai Marcel Sicks, in German)


University of Virginia

  • The Filmic Body
  • Cinema and the Modern World
  • German language (intermediate, advanced)
  • German for PhD Students


University of California, Berkeley

  • German Language (beginning, intermediate)
  • French language (beginning, intermediate)
  • Comedy and Community in the Cinema (TA)
  • Writing and Composition (Department of Comparative Literature)