St Andrews University

Introductory Courses (lectures)

  • Film Theory (co-taught), organization & selected lectures
  • Modern World Cinemas (co-taught), selected lectures
  • Film Historiography (co-taught), selected lectures

Advanced Seminars

  • Digital Cinema (honours), sample course outline
  • Contemporary European Science Fiction Film (honours)
  • Cinema in the Digital Era (masters)
  • Film and Modern Visual Culture (honours)


McGill University

Introductory Level Courses

  • Introduction to World Cinema (co-taught)
  • Survey of European Film & Theory 1895-present
  • Survey of German Literature, 1800-present, sample course outline
  • Arts Legacy, Modern and Global Worlds (co-taught, 19th-21st centuries)

Intermediate and Advanced Seminars

  • Die visuelle Kultur in der Weimarer Republik (in German)
  • Deutsches Kino (in German)
  • Silent Film and Visual Culture
  • Die Weimarer Republik: Literatur, Kultur, Medien (in German)
  • European Cinema in the Era of Fascism
  • Experimental and Documentary Cinema in Germany and Austria
  • Film and Modernity 1895-1933, poster
  • Die Wiener Moderne (in German)
  • Gender and German Cinema
  • Postwar German Cinema

Graduate Seminars

  • Media Archaeology
  • Weimar Cinema
  • Experimental- und Dokumentarfilm (in German)
  • Filmtheorie und –analyse (in German)
  • Ästhetische Theorie von Gottsched bis Lukács (in German)


Universität der Künste (Berlin)

  • Globalizing European Cinema, annual DAAD pan-Canadian graduate seminar (co-taught with Angelica Fenner, University of Toronto)


Cologne University, Institute for Theater, Film and Television Studies

  • Leni Riefenstahl (co-taught with Kai Marcel Sicks, in German)


University of Virginia

  • The Filmic Body
  • Cinema and the Modern World
  • German language (intermediate, advanced)
  • German for PhD Students


University of California, Berkeley

  • German Language (beginning, intermediate)
  • French language (beginning, intermediate)
  • Comedy and Community in the Cinema (TA)
  • Writing and Composition (Department of Comparative Literature)